Courses and activities for orientation and vocational, qualification, requalification training and continuous updating for extra-Community and disabled people too;

Language Center

Teaching activities for trainees, through language, social and pedagogical training

Mobility Projects

Our mission is to provide our participants with all the means needed to build their professional future by giving them the opportunity to have a practical experience abroad and to improve their language skills.

Intership Milan

Europe For All, as hosting organization, is able to manage work placements and vocational training for citizens from all over the world , in Milan , especially for students, workers and teachers, in the frame of mobility projects

Italian Language Department

Europe for all Organisation created a Italian language department , with a good teachers for non-native speakers. The objective of Italian Language Department is to creat e a family environment


The main purpose of the association is to stimulate an exchange between the different European cultures, an exchange that encourages the professional and personal growth of each European individual. To do it, the association carries out different activities that aim at the training of individuals .